BBar Stool

As the name implies, this chair is used in the bar, its tall shape allows one to grab a drink or food that is in the bar. Bar stool is also usually you can buy a package with a bar table. In use at home, you can put it in a kitchen that has the concept of receiving guests or having a bar. This seat seat is usually 80-90cm tall, and has a footrest on the bottom. In addition, the seat holder can also be rotated and adjustable altitude.

The design of the Bar Stool is also one of the coolest furniture you can have to decorate the kitchen area at home. It's like the presence of this bar stool alone can turn the kitchen area at home so like the famous cafés out there. Like having a private café at home that's just for you and your family to use. Come and Get your favorite chairs from Sadler's Home Shops and Store in Perth!

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